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​Margery Bayne is a Senior Creative Writing major with a minor in editing and publishing who originally hails from Baltimore, Maryland. Along with writing and reading, she is also likes to dance and is involved with the SUDC on campus. She has been previously published in LitSnack, Outrageous Fortune, The Eunoia Review, and this year won the Gary and Elizabeth Fincke Award for Outstanding Senior Portfolio.
Mel Beatrice is a Creative Writing major at Susquehanna University, in her third year of school. This is her first campus publication. She’s an aspiring novelist who also enjoys horseback riding, animals, nail polish, and horror movies.
Julie Brown is a Junior Creative Writing major with an English minor from Cheshire, Connecticut. She loves things like four-wheel suitcases for traveling, Scottish fried Mars Bars, and gut-wrenching slam poets like Andrea Gibson. Her writing has appeared in publications such as Hobart and Rivercraft, and she is honored to now appear in Sanctuary Magazine.
Paul Burnell is a Junior Creative Writing major with a minor in Film Studies. This is his first publication, which he hopes to be followed by many more. He lives in Maine and enjoys science fiction and horror stories in multiple mediums, including film, prose, and video games.
Anique Evans is a Senior Theatre Performance major with minors in Creative Writing and Music Vocal Performance. She has previously been published in Variance Magazine, and is proud to say that she has now published works in fiction, poetry, and nonfiction in her time here at Susquehanna. Sometimes she doesn’t know how she’s managed to survive these past four years, but she is grateful for all the memories she has made.
Michael Fiorilla is a writer from Northeastern Pennsylvania. His writing primarily deals with poking things people would normally find strange and uncomfortable. Whether or not he is actually a human being is still a subject of debate.
Alex Guarco, Junior Creative Writing major, is the co-editor of Susquehanna’s nonfiction literary magazine Essay, co-founder of SU Slam Poetry, and a member of the Ultimate Frisbee team. His poetry has appeared in Outrageous Fortune, The Blue Route, and is forthcoming in Niche and RiverCraft. He’ll never get too old for swing sets.
Abigail Hess is currently a Junior, majoring in Creative Writing. She is afraid of dolls, especially ones with eyes that open and close.
Nathaniel McLaughlan is a Junior Psychology Major, with a minor in Music Technology. He is as tall as a tree and twice as deadly. Nate is passionate about distance running, the science of the brain, baby sloths, and game design. He wrote "Sundown" because he was missing someone dearly, but later came to realize its poetic imagery was far reaching. If he could, he would be a student for the rest of his life.
Josh Pegg is a Senior Graphic Design major from the University of Hartford, who hails from the small town of Wallingford, Connecticut. He doesn’t even go here.
Gabbie Robbins is a Junior Speech Communications major. She enjoys cooking, sewing, organizing, making lists, and other weirdly domestic hobbies.
Mandi Vivacqua is a junior Secondary English Education and Studio Art Major. She is also a part of SU Slam Poetry and Alpha Phi Omega. Mandi’s photography has been published in several on campus publications such as Rivercraft, Essay, and Variance.  She has also been featured in Susquehanna’s Andy Warhol Exhibition.  Mandi also serves as photographer for Susquehanna’s branch of, an online magazine for women in college.
Alex Zawacki is an Ecology major with a minor in Earth and Environmental Sciences. He found the fossil featured in this issue on a camping and paleontology trip to Ohio and Kentucky in January, 2012. When he next has free time, Alex would like to hike the Appalachians, read every book ever written, and catch up on research projects. He hopes to go to graduate school for paleontology sometime in the future.

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