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​Arden Lee '17 is a sophomore creative writing/chemistry double major despite everyone telling her it was a crazy idea. Her "thing" in poetry is apparently adding in science, even though she swears she doesn't want to combine her majors in a career. 

Melani McLean '15

Hannah Frank '16 is a creative writer, television aficionado, and cool ranch Doritos fan. She wishes she could live forever and is currently seeking advice on how to do so which does not include exercise, kale, or vampires.  Her role model is The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and her dream job is "workin' dat ass". 

Christine Guaragno '16 is a poet from Pennsylvania. This is her first experience with erasure. 

Megan Rudloff '17 is a sophomore English and Publishing and Editing double major. She is a member of the SU Women's Tennis team, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society and Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC). She works in the writing center on campus. Her favorite animal is the octopus, so while visiting the National Aquarium, her dream of seeing one came true. While she is more of a writer than a photographer, she had to capture a photo of Cordelia the Octopus.

Jessica Deibert '17

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