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JACOB DIMPSEY is a junior at Susquehanna University. He enjoys watching Net ix and

writing metaphorical things.

KAY HAMMOND is a Senior Creative Writing and Publishing and Editing double major in the class of 2019. She has been writing poetry since the third grade. However, she can't actually prove it, as the majority of that poetry has been burned. Kay often chooses to write to about things that are dark, odd, and/or uncomfortable because she believes there is beauty in (quite literally) everything.

FLYNN HAWTHORNE has always been fond of space, which is ironic because he almost wholeheartedly believes we’re in a simulation. Despite this irony, Flynn continues to paint landscapes, often involving the night sky and general space aesthetics. He will often try new mediums for the sake of trying. He sells almost all of his pieces; please buy his art @its_some_art_

JARED IJAMS is the name of a conglomerate from california chaparral which doesn’t believe in triangles. their theodicy is wretched & their eschatology indeterminate. they hope you enjoy.

MIKAYLA MEYERS is a member of Susquehanna University's class of 2019. She enjoys experimenting with the traditional "ghost story" arch in her works. In the future, she hopes to become both a novelist and a comic illustrator.

SARENA POLLOCK is a junior Creative Writing major, President of SU Slam Poetry, and an aspiring writer and studio artist.

ERIN REID is a witch whose craft happens involve the written word. You can find her on almost any weekend drinking tea and writing magic onto the page. When she’s not rearranging the written cosmos, you can find her taking naps that are too long or studying something that has nothing to do with any of her classes.

MADELINE SEAVEY writes poetry and short stories and always does her best to put unique twists on everything. Be it poetry about medical malpractice, short stories about graverobbing, or romance and mothman, she hopes that people will remember her in the future, like a curse that latches onto your brain.

DANIEL SELLERS is a Sophomore at Susquehanna University studying Creative Writing and Publishing and Editing. He is also a contracted ROTC cadet and service member in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard. He holds a deep respect for the unknown and his writing gravitates toward the mysterious and the uncertain.

BRIANNA SIMMONS is a Junior Creative Writing Major and, when asked where she is from, she will laugh and never give a straight answer. She writes often about her family and relationships and recently had her chapbook Mother Memory published by Kokoro Press. You can nd her roaming the nearest exhibit, pondering every aspect of life.

AVA STANSKI is a sophomore Creative Writing major and a Women’s Studies and Film minor. She is the PR Rep for SU’s Slam Poetry Club and when she isn’t writing or doing schoolwork, she can be found in the gym or dancing in SU’s Belly Dance Circle.

JACOB TASHOFF is a current junior at Susquehanna. He wishes dragons really existed, because they would make life way more interesting, but he also knows that would make life more dangerous too, and he's one to live life as simple and easy as possible, so he'll probably just stick to pretending dragons exist and watching Supernatural too often. But imagine being a cowboy that rode a dragon instead of a horse! That would be crazy.

JORDYN TAYLOR is a current sophomore from Bangor, Pennsylvania. She is double majoring in Creative Writing and Publishing and Editing with a minor in Professional and Civic Writing, is a Common Reading Intern, and is the treasure of FUSE. She loves murder mysteries, Poetry Slams, and has a fascination with everything that's just a little strange. She is so excited to be published for the first time in this year in Sanctuary Magazine alongside Flagship Magazine.

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