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Editor in Chief or Supreme Overlord of the Omnibus

Sarah is a senior Publishing and Editing and Teatre Production and Design major from Portland, Maine. When they're not holed up in the publishing suite working on The Sanctuary or hanging from the catwalks in the theatre, she likes to read books, make chainmaille, watch cooking shows, plan adventures in D&D, and teach sign language. Sarah is very proud of this issue, which is their last as Editor and she is excited to continue to watch the magazine grow.


Junior Editor or Igor to the Chief

Richard is a junior Creative Writing and English Literature double major with a double minor in Publishing & Editing and Teatre. At The Sanctuary, he is Igor to the Chief (or Junior Editor) and he tries to throw his hump into anything and everything he can get his hands on. He likes to release his soul into the universe by screaming into the void and then hysterically laugh which then evolves into manic weeping. He hopes to someday have five dogs and an apartment on the moon.


Visual Arts Editor or Omnificent Overseer

Josh may or may not exist, but if they did, they’d probably be double majoring in German and Publishing. Josh might be of an ancient profession known as “ar-tist,” and may or may not have drawn the cover for this and last year’s issues of The Sanctuary. Josh might hope that you enjoy the Museum of Portals, but we’ll never know for sure.



Prose Editor or Sphinx of Short Stories

Angela has died because of her decision to triple major in Creative Writing, English Literature, and Publishing and Editing, on top of having a minor in the Honors Program. She came back as a revenant to read far too many books. Also, she is exceedingly grateful that her fellow members of The Sanctuary Staff don’t point out when her flesh starts oozing during reading boards. Angela anticipates being stripped entirely to the bone after her post-graduation publishing course, and her entry into the workforce.


Communications Liaison or Disembodied Voice

Savanna is a Creative Writing Major with minors in Film Studies, Religion Studies, and Women Studies, and though she isn’t always corporeal, when she chooses to be it is usually to tell you to play Dungeons and Dragons. She primarily loves writing fiction, though poetry is often a sweet mistress that sneaks into her room in the middle of the night to ask if lightning has feelings or not. She is also the Communications Liaison of The Sanctuary Magazine, which is probably why you came here in the first place.


Poetry Editor or Poetry Merlin

Eliza has many tricks hidden up her sleeves. One trick is that she is a first-year Creative Writing student. Another is that she writes her own poetry and nonfiction. Her third trick is that she can be found awake and alert after a night of playing video games. And for the grand finale, she is the poetry editor of The Sanctuary Magazine.


Assistant Prose Editor or Overextended Orthographer

Devonne is a freshman Creative Writing and Journalism double major at Susquehanna University and likes to think of himself as an octopus. On two hands, he writes his own stories and produces his own music On the other hand, he plays video games as well. On one hand, he is a Teaching Assistant for the Essentials of Digital Media course. On another, he makes liners and checks wires over at WQSU 88.9 e Pulse. His other hand has him designing layout for e Quill. One of his hands is used to learn something new in American Sign Language club. Finally, he uses his last hand to work on The Sanctuary Magazine as the Assistant Prose Editor. He's not afraid to help wherever he can even if that means to overextend himself.

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