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A Fire in the Volvo
Kaci MoDavis

Last night I dreamt of the woman you love &
My shredded nerves let loose:
I lit her car on fire, gasoline pouring over 
leather-torn seats like waves on the coast.

I dreamt the woman you love went running
Engulfed in the fire, yearning to save her belongings,
Palms scorched and peeling at the source, 
My jealousy flowing over her in the shape of flames.

We stood afar, watching not so innocently 
Her shirt peels off to reveal a blackened spine.
You, devoured in a cloak of betrayal,
Running to her as though she was still yours. 

I stood alone in the field, eyes strained from 
The desire I watched unfold before me
In strands of wet towels patted upon her back,
Your fingers tracing her skin as though she was porcelain. 

Last night I dreamt of the woman you love
Skin lacerated in burnt petals of decay 
Your hands, those which once held me, now soothing her,
Dancing upon the rot I allowed to grow.


Kaci MoDavis is a junior Creative Writing and Sociology double major, and a member of the Sigma Tau Delta honor society. She often finds herself writing fiction and poetry about troublesome circumstances, and enjoys turning the mundane into a curiosity. Her work has appeared in Apricot Press and the FUSE Moondial publication.

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