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     By Benjamin Wilson

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Abducted in the night, the youth are drugged, pressed into killing.
With Bro-Caps tilted we forfeit our brains.
Persuaded by false promises the beautiful are sold, and addicted.
Screwed, Banged, and Done; Goodness is drained with the perfumed shower water.
There is no need for education. The media teaches us all we need to know.
To the beat of the speakers we grind our lives away, bone blunting bone.
In our Advance we continue our collapse.
Churches are now only for holding beautiful, heart-warming divorce ceremonies.
With every election we progress towards more hunger, unemployment, and avoidable deaths.
Drowning in alcohol we’re a match away from burning . . .
We are the future. The World will be what we wish it to be.

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