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Alex Morgan

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Saw through saw in 

Your soul simple Segway 

Sarcophagus Cedric

Simon sing single sin

Simply sour sight is slaughter

Sympathy silent incinerate slips

In etcetera sign off and slit your

Wrists in sleight of hand

Slut drop slyly sling slop

At cytoplasmic, orgasmic

Seminars singe satanic 

Simpletons with slaw and

Claw through slime. Slim

Eats slippery slow singers 

And sinners as still as stop signs 

Simmer slowly in Saturn’s 

Symmetry cymbals clash and

Smash in staggering sense

Snakes ssss n’ piss n’ slither

Slice Pisces ice and is us

And miss us and Miss Utz 

Awful in us sis cuss bus 

Gus muss..t see.  

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