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By Kerry Lewis

Greyscale memories black & white & red all over bedsheets stained by bloody nails, the willing victim autopsied by three nails & a spear, lying on her back, putting up a front, all lies come back ‘round yon’ virgin mother & childbirth, virgin birth & virgin sacrifice, surgeon with a kitchen knife; christmas lights & christmas stars illuminate Grey blades & thigh scars never fade, father of the decade, promises right & left at the altar ego death bed springs a phoenix from the Grey ash of a thousand cigarettes, blowing Grey smoke, stress chain smoking & stressing weakest links til chains are broken links redirecting home is where the heart is in a cage of bone, heart of gold, chest of opal, Grey chest binder keeps him hopeful, open heart & open mind & open casket baptism in a hair salon with conditioner & holy water, wholly underwater, under the condition of holy love conditional, conditioned to be mint condition silver coins turned Grey, silver medal accolade, coin flip pray for heads, mint chip rocky road & rocky roads ahead, road head & tailgating headlights & dirt roads, head under waterboarding baptismal font, 12-point times new roman single spaced, new romantic ends to single times, 12-dimensional spacetime, pointing to space, romantics knew: timing is key to the city of rome falls in a day, hopeful romantics falling in love in a day & by nightfall wishing on falling stars above to fall in love under Grey moonlight spooning & fingering & wrapped around her finger a Grey pinky ring, pinky promising to never lift a finger, kisses linger & lips wander, night of wonder, nighttime wandering, knight in shining Grey armoring, night of birth, rite of birth, rite of passage, passing blunts & passing time & passing classes, passing in bathrooms, passing out in bathroom stalls, hiding from reflections in passing mirrors, self-reflections, mirror selfies & self-portraits of dorian Greyscale nude portraits of unrecognizable changes with the passage of time, this too shall pass & in time we

two shall pass & we shall pass the time & pass along our Greyscale tales until our hairs turn Grey;  .

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