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By Mitchell G. Roshannon

All major functions accomplished

by H.U.M.A.N. unit 1309200308

15 lifetimes of labor complete


Fathered 16 (127493706 through 127493721,

tags purchased 3-20-2095)

3 mentally ill, residing in Brookwatch Asylum

5 M.I.A. after WWIII

8 healthy kin still functional


Disposal Complete, location equivalent to that of wife

Spouse’s life discontinued 8 years prior by drone

mother to all 16 offspring

lack of productivity in workplace


Death of 1309200308 cause: effects of radiation exposure

as part of first genetic selection tests

exposure occurred there in 2072


Date of death: December 1, 3025

Life tag removed,

now available for sale.

purchase complete.

Current owner: H.U.M.A.N. unit 582974398

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