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Alex Morgan

I’ll goddamn myself 
For cruelty: kamikaze my grades
Into fades foppish. Bury my lead into
Led Zeppelin tracks as I drop the bomb
Burn my already charred flesh into an
Ashtrash. Cash made me into the whore 
I am: catch the rainbow I defecate onto 
The grass of polite society for the praise 
Of all rebels. Reading my refuse
Requires tact. In fact, laying my load 
Bare is the doing of incessant 
Cricket noises. Creating meaning off
A tealeaf is tedious as is the greediest
Fat cat combing its teeth for mice its
Missed. Hang me next to the 
Zombies and commies I 
Fuck only in dreams 
For ignorance, insolence, and 
Innocence are words of similar 
Meaning but familiar different 



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