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internalized misogyny

Kylee Graham

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I reject being quiet and compliant 

but bristle at the women whose voices 

touch the sky 

and paint the land 

who laugh and laugh 

unafraid to step out from the shadows

of men 

that run and scream 

and be free 

we turn our backs

and make them bleed 

with sharp tongues 

and green eyes 

envy the expansiveness

of their smiles

the way they dance in the wind

convince the birds to sing 

and tears to brim

warm and strong and full of joy

able to hush any boy

we call them loud and much 

(not coy like us)

but all we really want

is to be brave enough 

to reach for the sun, the stars

to take up space 

that is our right 

we dream and sigh

someday, maybe, we just might

shine like these women 

whose spines stand tall

that knew they must

force buildings to fall 

in order to keep their light 

to be divine 

so until this time

it is their voices that we hear 

their whispers in the night

that fill our ears


come bathe in self-assurance


speak up


be kind 


you don’t have to feel small



-internalized misogyny 

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