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Jack-Hare Trails
Jack Snyder

(from Emily Dickinson’s I Felt A Funeral, In My Brain) 
o Death  
o Death 
i shall arrive, sweet by and by 
ramblin’ jack–hare trails stretched  
all the way back to Singularity 
draped, diffused, in earth/void 
where Time in her eternal return  
wraps around us 
signs and syllables. symbols. from 
jack–hare rabbit trails to habit- 
-trailing: hangin’ loose the whole me  
in grace.  o Death 
o Death. i am  
stumbling across the mourners 
breakin’ sense/reason, birthed into brightness  
my death will bear witness to  
the whole universe groaning  
under its matter 
hallelujah, goin’ make  
a joyous sound 
o Death, o Death 
i shall arrive sweet, by and by 
ramblin’ testament  
to breath and wonder, Death 
where conscience, like a drum  
beats to un–static its bruise- 
-ed bug-eyed and wide 
all-hearing ears  
(creak, Death, across my soul) to  
troll the emptiness. o Death 
o Death. i saw the end,  
saw my empty-body space toll 
with dis-accomplishment  
the brightness gleaming out  
the lonely occupation, un-pure  
mumbling and shaking 
scratching in darkness 
till i was born  
till i   was born 
till i      was born

Jack Snyder (he/they) is a process–based philosopher, poet, artist, and cryptid from the Southern California wilderness. His work interrogates contentment, identity, love, belief, authenticity, faith, normativity, and other philosophical themes in a natural setting. When not outdoors, he appreciates music, food, and drink in relation. Thus Jack’s quandary and thirst drive him challenging places. He hopes he will drive you there also.

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