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Letter From the Editor 

Dear Readers, 

   The Sanctuary Magazine has been many things to our readers over the years. A place where loss, rebirth, feminism, love, therapy, hatred, happiness, and more could thrive in a world not unlike our own. A place where characters like Liesel Meminger and Scout Finch can tell their stories without fear or judgement. A place where you can read about struggle and talk about blow jobs and ramble about the mythos. As our editors said in 2011, the sanctuary is, by definition, a refuge after all. 

    In the past year, there has been a lot of change in world, regardless of whether it’s been in your own backyard, or your neighbors. People are grabbing each other by the throats and shouting in each other’s faces while the same story is played on repeat. It’s important to remind ourselves to take a moment, to stop, to rest in a place that allows us to be who we are. Even if it's only for a moment. 

    It’s hard to find a grounded place to be ourselves when there is no solid foundation to stand on. While The Sanctuary will always find home in its roots, there was never a tree for us to stand on. The editors have been working hard this year to build a foundation that lasts well beyond our graduation and helps future editors build a new world from what we leave behind. If Harry Potter has Hogwarts and Clary Fray has the Institute to call home, then you should have The Sanctuary. 

    The editors rebranded the face of The Sanctuary so our readers had a place to call home, even if they did not have one. We want the weird, the offbeat, the peculiar, the left behind, the silenced, the forgotten. We want those who do not have a voice to be able to speak here, to be seen, to be heard. What is a sanctuary if not a place that welcomes all? 



DJ Bunce, Editor-in-Chief 

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