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Letter from the Editor

Dear Reader,


Over the last seventeen years The Sanctuary Magazine has been many things—a Museum of Portals, a Death Emporium, an exploration of Divine Anatomy. As leadership is passed from one set of hands to another we change and we grow. The one thing we have always been is a refuge. 


The Sanctuary Magazine was formed in the year 2007 with a concern for the lack of speculative fiction in Susquehanna University’s writing community. In 2023 we have moved much closer to acceptance, but still find much difficulty in the publishing sphere.


While we have grown to encompass much more than speculative fiction, we still strive to publish what others won’t—strange pieces, abstract art, odd poetry, surreal scripts, and anything else in need of a home. We search for pieces that, as our founders said, “pound on the cathedral door.”


This edition is one of many revivals and hopefully our last. In an environment where leadership is constantly changing it is difficult to solidify a publishing system. However, our editors at The Sanctuary Magazine have been working very hard to archive and reconstruct ourselves every step of the way—from journeys to the Blough-Weis Library archives to the recreation of style guides and deep dives on the dark web, we have been far and wide.


We hope you enjoy Issue 16! Keep an eye out for future renditions and developments. There is always something in development on the other side of the Letterbox glass.


See you on the other side,


Gabby Grinaway (Head Editor)

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