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By Jordyn Taylor

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when i look up at the stars,

i see


              Peter Pan,

     sitting on the handle of the little dipper,

     searching for another lost boy to bring

to the island of lost cares

                        lost souls

                        lost boys and i

wonder if he’ll consider bringing a lost girl too.


        lost girls are too clever

             he claims,

        not allowed,

             he claims,

but he brought Wendy,

                                 then Jane,

so why is it that

lost boys don’t have to grow up,

                                    get to fly amongst the constellations,

                                    get to go on adventures, but

                                    girls never stay long enough and end up

                                    growing up way too fast?


i watch as Peter Pan flies through the sky,

shadow trailing behind,

high on youth and pixie dust,

but i wonder

                        if Tinker Bell has ever felt trapped,

                        if the lost boys ever wanted to be found,

                        if the crocodile wanted a friend,

                        if lost girls feel even more lost because they weren’t


                                                                                                even considered...


Perhaps lost girls want to fly too,

                            want to be sprinkled with pixie dust and

                                           dance among the fairies and

                                           swim with the mermaids and be a part of the

                                           fairytale that they grew up listening to...


                                                                                                                    they grew up?

                                                                                                                    they grew up.


            do you think, Peter Pan, that you can believe in little girls too?



          Tick, Tick, Tick goes the crocodile,

                   quick, here comes Captain Hook,


          no, Tinker Bell, please don’t die,

                    he believes in us, doesn't he?


           we lost girls have to stick together,

            and maybe one day,


                                                                              we’ll run Neverland instead.

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