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Abigail Bauman is a sophomore Creative Writing, Anthropology, and German Studies triple major at Susquehanna University. She is a new author, previously unpublished, and can be found dreaming about travel, writing fabulous fiction, and basking in the sunshine. 


Lexi McDonald (she/her) is a senior English Literature and Creative Writing double major at Susquehanna University and enjoys reading, writing, teaching, and traveling. Much of her work incorporates vivid sensory imagery with trauma and topics of social justice and feminism, and these are her most rewarding pieces. She plans to go on to graduate school for creative writing and would collect degrees if she could afford it. Instead (or in addition), she intends to challenge young writers to be deliberate about their passions and futures in writing, and encourage them to write until they surprise themselves, and then keep writing.

Monet Polny (she/her) is a senior creative writing student with a minor in women and gender studies. She is a reader as well as a writer and aims to create more literature that gives a voice to asexual women. Monet is a certified yoga instructor, and she plans to teach classes once she graduates from Susquehanna University. When she’s not writing, Monet spends her time venting to her dog Lulu or hiding among stacks of books in a library.

Cara Weaver is junior Creative Writing and English: Publishing & Editing double major. She is currently spending a semester abroad at the University of Stirling in Scotland. She loves spoken word poetry and mystery novels. Her family (and dogs) are the most important things in her life. She believes that the answers to a lot of the world's problems are kindness and simplicity.

Amber Watkin is a sophomore creative writing major with minors in studio art and publishing & editing. She is an avid lover of stories where women go insane and goes absolutely feral over imagery involving white dresses covered in blood.

Emily Hizny is a Creative Writing and Publishing & Editing double major at Susquehanna University lurking around Twitter as @OctoEmily. Her work has been featured in SU’s literary magazine RiverCraft as well as Ice Lolly Review, HOLYFLEA!, Clandestine Lit, The Birdseed, Headcanon Magazine, and Melbourne Culture Corner. In her free time, you can find her sewing, playing video games, and being a part-time octopus.

Avery Atkins is a first-year Creative Writing and Communications double-major. She is from Lebanon, Pennsylvania, and is excited to be featured in this year’s edition of The Sanctuary Magazine. Avery is involved in The Quill and Harmonic Combustion, the A Capella group at Susquehanna. In her free time, she enjoys running, singing, baking, painting, arranging music, traveling, and writing, obviously.  

Emily Sopko is a junior English Literature and Music double major.  She is from Orwigsburg, a small borough in Eastern PA.  In her free time, she enjoys playing her violin, writing poetry, and frequenting local antique/thrift stores. 

Sophie Rose Ferruzza is a rising senior at Susquehanna University, majoring in Creative Writing Secondary Education. Although her major focuses on writing, she also enjoys taking pictures in her free time, especially during the spring and autumn. Her family is extremely supportive of all her passions, and they're thrilled that she's submitting to literary magazines again. If there's anything you should know about Sophie, it's that she is absolutely obsessed with her bunnies.

Kara Boub is rising senior Creative Writing and Publishing and Editing double major with a French studies minor. She is from Wyoming, Pennsylvania. Kara dreams of a career that allows her to travel and read books. She loves to attend concerts of her favorite musicians and scream her lungs out to every lyric. ​

Kaitlyn McHale is a junior Graphic Design and Psychology double major with a minor in Art History. She has had previous works published in Rivercraft . She is looking forward to her summer GO experience to Scotland, where she will be taking a photography course and expanding this hobby into her formal education.

Hannah Aud is a senior Creative Writing and Publishing & Editing double major, from Maryland. She’s the managing editor of RiverCraft, and the president of both Film Club and the Anime and Manga Association here on campus. She has many interests are rarely any time for any of them, but she loves making art, cooking, and of course writing. She recently took up sewing and hopes to improve enough to make her own clothes. She recently finished her GO experience in Italy where she saw a lot of sight and ate a lot of great food. She’s an avid fan of movies, especially of 80’s horror movies, and loves to talk about the MCU with her friends.

Samantha Heckler O'Connor is a junior majoring in Creative Writing, German Studies, and Publishing & Editing. She started writing in middle school with a deep-seated hatred for it and sometimes still has mixed feelings on the topic. In her writing, she likes to explore how the magical and mythical would most realistically, or sometimes strangely, fit into everyday life. In the wild, she can be found stressing over her course load and randomly spouting out reptile facts to anyone who will listen.

Maya Anderson. A student of Susquehanna University, Creative Writing, Studio Art and Africana Studies minors. A Black femme avante garde writer and artist driven by insatiable curiosity and a seeker of knowledge. A warrior of authenticity fighting to be heard on their creative journey. They find inspiration from the unseen and erased sections in mainstream archives: Black women, whom most never heard of; tribes, minkisi fetishes, genogroups, and cultures lost to colonialism; and the overlooked side of society. They are also interested in intersectionality, critical race theory, and applicating them into the craft to create new wonkadory experiments. Thus, creating a story in their artwork and making a work of art in their writing. Their artistic goal is to disrupt the boundaries of societal constructions by pull from the experiences of people from different cultures and different periods to test the boundaries of what is to be heard or shown. 

Kennedy Landers is a first-year creative writing major who often writes of Catholicism, condoms, and cigarettes. They are a Resource Staff member at the VIP Center and a proud member of Zeta Tau Alpha. Their passions include interior design, crochet, and staining the Smith Hall bathroom with their green hair dye. This is their first publication! 

Olivia Krise is a junior at Susquehanna University doubling in Biochemistry (ACS) and Creative Writing. She consistently smells like dichloromethane and is usually five minutes late for weekend brunch. This is her first publication of her written work.

Tabitha Gonia is a junior Communications Broadcasting major and Music Technology minor from Fairfax, Virginia. She writes songs and short stories, some of which have been previously published in other campus litmags, and can often be found curled up with a cat and iced coffee, listening to music that you may later hear on her radio show. She’s never fought a plastic monstrosity in the woods, but really, she just hasn’t fought a plastic monstrosity in the woods yet.

Haley Dittbrenner is a first year creative writing and publishing and editing double major. Her fiction has been featured in Short Edition, the Decameron Project, and now Sanctuary Magazine. She likes to write about witch gatherings and creatures with too many eyes.

Zachary Shiffman is a fiction writer who is currently studying Creative Writing and Publishing & Editing at SU. He has been previously published in RiverCraft, Catfish Creek, and Variety Pack. When he's not tinkering with a new story, he can be found watching sitcoms or superhero movies with his cat, Rosie, at his home in New Jersey.

Andrea Repetz is a senior Creative Writing major with minors in Professional & Civic Writing and Leadership. Her work also appears in Essay Magazine. She loves using real-life events and stories in her writing, as they tend to be stranger than fiction anyhow. At Susquehanna, she is proud to be Promotions Director of WQSU 88.9-FM and serves as an SU Service Leader. Andrea is an avid quote collector who never sleeps and is thrilled to close out her SU career with this creepy little poem. Surprisingly, she is quite squeamish about injuries.

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