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A Firefly Mural Painted on the Inside of My Eyelids by Jake Price
 "Cirrus clouds collect dust in the sky. / My pupils eclipse and dilate"

A Fire in the Volvo by Kaci MoDavis
 "Last night I dreamt of the woman you love & / My shredded nerves let loose:"

Celerity by Noel Munguia-Moreno
 "Oh, to hear the secrets of a coiled serpent; / I will hunt to no end, I will hunt to no end, "

Garbagemen Harboring My Organs by Kaci MoDavis
 "If I knew heartstrings could / Shatter as easily as a splintered"

Jack-Hare Trails by Jack Snyder
 "o Death, / o Death"

Shooting Down Angels by Jake Price
 "the light / being born inside"

Venus by Noel Munguia-Moreno
 "I go here because it is beautiful. / when people go to marbled palaces, spritzing perfume,"

Victim of the Night by Olivia Krise
"crying tears of blood, / bruised lips part, languid curtains unfold"

Wandering Knife by Jack Snyder
 "To red-dead spilling of  / now broken asphalt some poor worker will have to "

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