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Shooting Down Angels
Jake Price

(to be read from top to bottom and from bottom to top)

the light
being born inside
the nothingness
descending down from
the sky
reaching for
the earth
grapevine banisters that grow out of
a staircase you can’t quite touch with
steps trimmed in gold and made of ivory
all sense of gravity leads to the
falling into the
like the
darkness that eats the setting sun
away from the
away from 
a life that no longer exists
let it disappear 
into thin air
watch your body dissolve 
a passing cumulonimbus tells you to

Jake Price is a sophomore student who spends too much time reading his poetry to his cat, who has yet to give him any useful feedback. He was born in Texas, but now resides in McConnelsburg, Pennsylvania. Writing has been something he has loved doing ever since he was a little kid, and he hopes to one day make a living off of it.

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