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By Jacob Tashoff

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The car is small, red, a dent in the driver’s side door where it was

opened into a mailbox that lay in the road for days afterward, the

wheels of other cars somehow missing it as they drove by, and the

window of the car sticks as it’s rolled down, but only on that

dented door, and maybe a mechanic should take a look at it, but

who has the time for that anyway, you always need to be going

somewhere, and the seat’s worn leather upholstery is torn from

being sat on too much, and maybe that should be replaced, but the

money’s always tighter than it used to be, and there are bills to pay

and the seat isn’t uncomfortable or anything, really, but it’s clear

the rest of the seats haven’t seen nearly as much use, and the left

blinker might be getting a little dull, but it doesn’t matter as long as

it still works, and the right tail light is loose in its socket, but you

shouldn’t worry too much unless the girl in the trunk gets smart

and tries to kick it out, but she’s bound up pretty well, at least you

think so, from what you were able to learn about tying knots from

the handful of YouTube videos you watched (and, alright, maybe a

couple pornos, but only because the more extreme stuff has

bondage in it, and you really wanted to make sure she couldn’t

move and it helped in the end, ok?) and you don’t think she’ll get

too smart, cause you gave her a good knock on the head when you

loaded her into the car so she wouldn’t struggle too much while

you were driving and distract you, cause you always need to pay

careful attention when you drive, and you don’t want to crash and

hurt yourself, or worse, her, but you’re really starting to worry

about that tail light the more you think about it and the longer the

cop’s lights blink in your rear view mirror, cause he’s really nice

and you do have a spare bulb for the blinker in the glove

compartment, you’ve just been too busy to change it out, what with

all the excitement accompanying loading a girl into the trunk of

your car, and you worry he’ll offer you help in changing it cause he

just seems that nice, but you have to open the trunk to do that, and

there she is, right in plain sight for him, and you only made it like

five minutes down the road from your house and now you’re going

to jail without even an exciting story to tell for it (like, oh yeah,

you’ll be king of the cafeteria when your block mates find out you

got arrested cause a nice cop found a girl bound and gagged in

your trunk when he tried to help you replace your dying left

blinker) but when the cop comes back to your window he just

hands you your license and registration and says that you should

think about getting that faulty blinker replaced and he’d help but

he’s absolutely useless when it comes to cars, and thank God for

that, and that’s it and you’re on your way and there was really

never anything to ever worry about, you worrier. 

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