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By Victoria DiMartino

Science Lab Study


The Anatomy of Grass


6CO2 + 6H2O -> C6H12O6 + 6O2

Why is it + that when you cut a piece

of grass -> It does not bleed?

The Abstract:

Inside of grass, the real structure of it,
there must be a liquid.
For the water goes in
and doesn’t seem to come out.
So why unlike humans,
when you split the grass,
it does not bleed.
Does the sunlight dry it up
and steal the moisture locked inside?
Does the dirty air I put in
destroy the purity of your water,
and you simply cannot have it anymore?
I am going to argue that I do not understand,
how I give you nothing of value,
I simply give you the air that does not work for me anymore,
and I cut you down because I do not like
the way you feel against my feet when you get too long,
I do not understand how you still give me purity.
I am going to argue that
you have no liquid in your body,
because you are too busy helping me
than to bleed.

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