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Our Mission

A sanctuary can be many things—a church, a nostalgic city, a place to seek asylum, a Faulkner novel, a nature reserve, a New Girl episode, a hideout from which to plan a revolution. The Sanctuary Magazine was founded as a safe place for genre fiction and odd poetry; over time it has evolved into a place for those whose voices cannot be heard.

While we welcome works of all kind for our magazine, we highly encourage submitters to send us their strangest pieces, their abstract art, their dark poetry, and anything that they feel can find a sanctuary within the pages of our magazine.

Whether we see through the eyes of a dragon or the lens of a robot, speculative and genre fiction allows us to escape the world that we reside in every day and see it from a different point of view. Our magazine encourages new perspectives of the fantastical and mundane aspects of our society and universe.  

We want to create a space (digital or otherwise) for this work to shine. The editors of the first issue of The Sanctuary Magazine defined it as a place to be granted asylum in a church or temple. So, in the words of our founding editors, “consider this our fists pounding on the cathedral door.” 

Our editors are students at Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania. The Sanctuary Magazine’s staff still works from the Letterbox at Susquehanna, but now we field submissions from undergraduates all around the globe. 

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