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Eventuality by Celia Lansing
 "The waiting room for the afterlife was made that much more pleasant, Beckett decided, by the baby blue backdrop. She tested her balance, lifting a foot and placing it back down on the ground. The floor rippled where her foot touched, but it seemed stable enough. Somehow."

Halves by Kaci MoDavis
 "He doesn’t understand what Mom means by “glass half full.” He remembers fractions homework, splitting the numbers with a dash, nodding his head in the warmly lit kitchen as Dad tried to make him understand by pounding the pencil against the paper."

Hold Fast the World by Grace Stowe Evans
 "I tried to paint you, but it turned out creepy. It’s not that you aren’t handsome my love, it was the red against the brown. It came out looking like the bloodstain on Papa’s jacket. Dark, and thick all over your chest, and around your eyes."

Imagine Some Crabs Boiling by Haley Dittbrenner
 "in a pot in a very old, green-witch kitchen somewhere between the mountain folds on a map. For every second the water roils over, the crabs age another year, sinew and shell falling into nothing but bone melting in very hot water."

Places A Mind Should Never Go by James Santangelo
A cool spring night. NANSAA (78), is staring at a framed photo labeled MOTHER. In a fit of anger, she SMASHES the frame onto the floor.
Nansaa stares at the ceiling. Her anger quells. She looks out the window. Cool winds blow into the room."

The Witch of the Woods by Ellie Cameron
Tall trees loom through a thick fog. The forest floor is covered with fallen leaves and dying thicket. A small path has been cleared through the undergrowth. It snakes between the overgrown tree roots and moss-covered rocks.

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